MLP Time Loops

I've been running around all day, so I'm not in any particular fanfic mood at all. Have a link to MLP time loops by Saphroneth. In over 2,000,000 words, this fimfic crosses ponies over with pretty much everything, and contains all possible plots somewhere in it's depths. The first time I read it I marathoned it in one stretch; this is not advised. But it makes a pretty good sampling platter; don't like one plot? Keep reading and another will be along shortly.

MLP Time Loops
My Little Pony

This is a fic based on the Time Loop Files, the format of which was first codified by Innortal on Here's a brief guide. The basic idea is, one character (the Anchor, usually the main character of a fictional setting) is looping back to the very first moments of their parent series every time either they die or some kind of time limit expires. They of course end up monumentally stir crazy given enough time. Eventually others start to loop as well. The reset is not always perfect. Sometimes a loop's history will be different to the "prime" loop, or canonical plot. "Crossover" or "Fusion" loops also occur, randomly. These can involve the home loopers having a guest, or the anchor for one universe spending time in another, or replacements of one character by another. Vacation Loops are where the Anchor (or others) decide/s "buck it" and lets off steam by doing whatever comes to mind. There's little or no attempt to maintain the original timeline. In addition, and particularly more recently, it should be known that this story has a collaborative element to it - people may submit loop ideas or loops, ideally at the Spacebattles thread (a link to the current version of which is on the Trope page), and they may become included.

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