Birth of a Name

Before we get on with today's fanfic, I've got some fun bonus content. For whatever reason, youtube recommended to me a video of some woman reading Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone in Korean. And then it offered an automatic transcript; better yet, it offered to autotranslate the autogenerated transcript into English for me. That was too much fun for me to pass up!

I won't link the original video, because I'm sure she did an absolutely fine job reading the Korean version of Harry Potter, and my intent is to make fun of Google's awful automatic transcriptions combined with it's only slightly less awful automatic translation, not to make fun of her. You can find the entire autogenerated autotranslated transcript of chapter 1 here. It starts off just fine, calling the chapter "A surviving child". But things quickly go off the rails after that. Here are some of my favourite quotes from this treasure-trove of nonsense:

Right, that's enough of that! On with a fanfic! I was going to recommend something I just read yesterday and really enjoyed, but it's not a humour fic, and I don't feel like I can put anything else in a post with the above nonsense. Expect that one tomorrow. Instead, have the funniest one-shot by nonjon, one of the funniest fanfiction authors in the Harry Potter fandom. Not a lot I can say about it without spoiling things, other than that it makes me laugh outloud every time I read it. So enjoy!

Birth of a Name
Harry Potter
  1. A Slytherin prefect on the brink of a series of lifechanging events, needs to settle on a secret identity that will inspire fear in the hearts of the weak... You didn�t think 'I am Lord Voldemort' was his first choice, did you?
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