Tom Swift's War Tank MSTing

I know almost nothing about this one. It's a text file sitting on my hard drive, and has been moved from machine to machine whenever I restore my backups for years.

A brief google finds someone else hosting the same text file, but they don't offer any information about who wrote it, when, or where it was published. So that's why the title, author, etc aren't links today. Just the text file you can download, because that's all I've got.

I actually grew up reading the Tom Swift books as a kid, largely because they are in the public domain, so I could get them as free ebooks. And when you're 10-years-old, the badness of Tom Swift doesn't really bother you, and you can just enjoy the adventure. So not only is this fanfic funny, it's also a nice hit of nostalgia for me.

Tom Swift's War Tank MSTing
John Nowak and Matt Plotecher
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Back at the turn of the century an interminable series of novels was written about a young inventor, named Tom Swift. Tom's inability to just say something using the word "said" was the source of more amusement than the actual books. And so, I will unleash upon you the twenty-first novel in the series, written during the War to End All War, "Tom Swift and His War Tank." And, just to sweeten the deal, I'm tossing in an introduction to this dashing young man lifted from the earlier Volume 12, "Tom Swift and His Air Glider."

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