The Daily Show presents: Equestrian Interviews

Did I read any fanfic today? Of course not; I spent all day fiddling with the website layout! Thankfully, I have a backlog of things I'd previously posted on a fanfic blog that hasn't been online since the service hosting it shut down years ago.

So, todays fic is something I enjoyed in February 2014. Does it still hold up today? Eh...sort of but not really. There are better My Little Pony fanfics out there. But at that point, none of them had been written yet. And it's still the best (and probably only) My Little Pony+The Daily Show crossover out there. So if that's something you want to read, either because the idea excites you, or you find it as baffling as I apparently did back in the day, give this one a shot. The writing quality starts off poor, but increases quickly as the fic goes on. Sadly, if I encountered it today, I probably wouldn't have given it a second look. And that's sad, because I'd be missing out. I wonder how many good fanfics go completely unremarked just because we have so much choice these days? If an author doesn't grab us within the first phrase, we can move on to one of the ten million other fics out there. That's one of many reasons I'd hate to be a fanfic author.

Wow, that got depressing. Go read about happy ponies!

The Daily Show presents: Equestrian Interviews
Daily Show Ponies
My Little Pony

Jon Stewart needs to find a way to get more people to watch his show. To do this he welcomes a new series of guests from a far off land containing monsters, magic, and most importantly... ponies! Join him on an adventure that has him matching wits with sentient mythical creatures ranging from god-like ponies to a fire breathing dragon! Each "Episode" marks a different MLP character getting a chance to travel to the human world for an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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